This time 20 years ago, Skandella Architektur Innenarchitektur was just a pen, a drawing board, and an idea in a young and ambitious mind: Hans-Jürgen Skandella, an architect and interior architect. At his home office he sketched his very first projects and his idea of what SAI would be like.

Fast forward, we have not stopped designing, moving or being passionate about what we do. Now operating in two differed continents with no intention of slowing down

Joining Hans-Jürgen Skandella is a team of designers and architects that are just as passionate and just as determined to push through boundaries. Our clients are property developers, project developers, capital investors and private owners. We accompany you from the purchase decision to the project development in abidance with the building laws, through all stages of planning. We see ourselves as creative service providers – not as “artists”.

We are concerned with design in the true sense of the word – specifically with the design of well-functioning buildings. We know the requirements and wishes of our customers and develop them optimally with marketable architecture precisely tailored to your target group. We always act cost-conscious, on schedule and are always reliable. Aesthetic and functional design is for us a must.